“BREATHAIR”-the product that will change life's comfort and hygiene

Our dear potential business partners,

Thank you for your interest in the “BREATHAIR” products and our company, the product that will change life’s comfort and hygiene.

We are an authorized processing manufacturer and distributor of the TOYOBO BREATHAIR material for both the Japanese and the international markets. We pride ourselves for having engaged with BREATHAIR product since the development stage in the early 90s. With more than 10 years of first-hand experience in processing the material, we specialize in handling the BREATHAIR material in accordance with customer needs, ranging from distributing the BREATHAIR material to providing finished goods on an OEM basis.

Due to its unique feature and excellent quality, the BREATHAIR material has been widely used in many product categories in Japan such as train seats, bed topper at nursing homes, seat cushions for wheel chair and many others, which require breathability, durability, recyclability and cleanliness on the materials.

Considering its superior functions over conventional cushioning materials such as polyurethane and poly-cotton, this new revolutionary material has a great potential to be a perfect substitute of those materials and become a de-facto standard of cushioning materials on a world-wide basis within the next ten years.

We look forward to establishing a long term business partnership with your company, introducing “BREATHAIR”, the product of the new millennium, to your people, and helping everyone on earth enjoy more comfortable and healthier life.